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Early 1900’s

June 1, 1900

The Routh family purchased the current home half section of AFP near Ardrossan (east of Edmonton) from the Adams who homesteaded the land.

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World War 2

March 16, 1941

John Allam walked across the street after graduating high school at 18 and enlisted in the airforce. John Allam was the pilot of a Halifax bomber during ww2. Under “read more” there is a letter that was sent to my grandmother in 2005 from the radio operator on my grandfathers plane.    

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John goes to University & Gets Married

September 1, 1945

1945-1949. John got his degree from the U of A and did his practicum at the W.G. Bocock and Sons Farm (who had one of the first milking parlor in Alberta) north of Edmonton. While there he (23) courted and eventually married the eldest Bocock child and only daughter, Mary (21)  

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AFP Home Section Purchased

April 12, 1949

John Allam and his wife Mary purchased the home half section (east of Edmonton) from the Rouths who were grain and hay farming there. John worked during the week at Central Mortgage and Housing for the next 10 years while working on the farm on his evenings and weekends, while John Noblet (John Allam’s Partner) helped the allams start a swine, dairy, and hay operation

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Birth of First Child

May 28, 1951

Brian Allam (Chris and Cam’s father) was born. Geoff, Richard and Susan soon followed

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Big Changes to the Farm

September 13, 1960

Early 1960’s – John Noblet bought land near Ponoka in the early 1960’s and moved there to continue farming. Mid 1960’s – John’s sons Brian, Geoff, and Richard were getting old enough to help farming. The swine operation was shut down in 1965 when Geoff was almost eaten by a pig (or so the story goes), and focus shifted to the dairy enterprise.

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Dairy Expansion

December 19, 1967

1967 – The dairy was expanded to about 40 cows. John and his sons continued expanding the farm together, buying more land, cows, and quota until Geoff left for veterinarian school in Saskatoon in 1972.

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Home Section Expanded

December 19, 1971

1971 – The quarter section just north of the farm was purchased from George Atkinson.

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Farm Structure Reorganized

December 13, 1972

Farm Structure was reorganized, Allam Farms Ltd was formed

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Brian Gets Married

May 19, 1975

1975 – Brian married Judy Wiltzen, whom he met at church. Her father Earl and mother Ann had cattle on a farm east of Elk Island Park. This land (mostly treed acres) has been recently purchased by Judy and remains a retreat for the family.

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Geoff and Richard Finish School

December 19, 1976

1976 – Geoff returned from vet school and opened two successful veterinary clinics in Edmonton; he is now retired, and still owns a shop at the farm where he works project cars. Richard also left to obtain his engineering degree, then returned to farm.

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Major Expansion

December 19, 1977

1975-1982 Major expansions were made in the grain and dairy operation. Brian, Richard, John and their wives farmed together. A new 125-cow dairy barn was built and cows with quota were purchased to fill it.

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Developer Deal

December 19, 1980

Early 1980’s – Developers wanted to purchase the south ¼ of the home ½ for sewage lagoons; Allam Farms traded 70 arable acres known now as Richards for 300 arable acres (the Bienart ½). The development didn’t work out and Allam Farms purchased Richards back. This began a phase of expansion in grain operations.

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Point Aux Pins Water Co-op

December 19, 1982

The Point Aux Pins water co-op was formed with neighbors to bring city water to the farm and local households

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Christopher Allam was born

October 1, 1983

Cameron Allam was born

April 19, 1988

Farm Expansion

April 19, 1989

A nearby quarter section was purchased from Reg Marler

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Farm Changes

December 19, 1989

Richard left to work on a neighbouring farm and then soon after became the Canadian service manager for New Holland. He later sold his ¼ to the Bococks (AFP now rents this 70 arable acre parcel from the Bococks). Geoff still owns a ¼ section and rents it to AFP

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Addition to the Farm

December 19, 1994

Ten beef calves were purchased to start Allam Farms’ beef operation.

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Land Expansion

December 19, 1995

1995- Fall 2001. Land expansion: 125 acres-Blacklands, 150 acres-Mcknights, 250 acres-Dusdals were purchased  

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Passing of John

December 19, 1996

Providence Grain Group Inc. Shareholders

December 19, 2001

Brian, Chris and several other local farmers got together to propose buying the local UGG (United Grain Growers) elevator between Fort Saskatchewan and Lamont. The facility had to be sold due to a competition board ruling involving the merger of UGG and Agricore.  The farmers decided to go ahead with the plan and soon became shareholders in Providence Grain Group Inc .  At the same time the group bought the UGG elevator in Waskatneau (which has since burned down).

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Chris Graduates High School and Leaves for College

May 1, 2002

Fall of 2002 to spring 2004 – Chris leaves to obtain a 2-year Diploma in Ag. Business at Lake Land College in Vermillion Alberta.        

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Record Drought

May 19, 2002

Summer of 2002 – During the first year of operation, the newly formed grain company, Allam Farms Ltd and central Alberta endured the harshest drought the area had ever experienced. However, both companies prevailed. Allam Farms needed to salvage over 7,000 acres of crop insurance written off acres from neighbors to put up enough feed. Allam Farms did not have crop insurance, and therefore has purchased crop insurance every year since. There were some late nights as canola swaths had to be harvested at night so they would stay frozen and thrash in the combine.

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Land Expansion

April 19, 2004

Chris purchases Hannamens’ 140 acres

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Changing Focus

December 19, 2005

First ½ of the dairy and quota is sold to Morris Thalen, the largest dairy farmer in Alberta

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Thorhild Expansion

March 16, 2006

March 2006 – Judy Allam sees a small ad in the paper, “Farm For Sale in Thorhild County,” so Brian and Judy take a trip 40 miles north and meet the Tomlinson’s owners of True Seeds, a well-known pedigree seed grower in the Thorhild County. The Tomlinson’s wish was to have a deal put together in two months to sell 4,000 acres, bins, shops and grain handling system sold by May 2006. This was too short of a time line for Allam Farms to double their acres.

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Strathcona County Land Expansion

April 1, 2006

Allam Farms Partnership begins a long term rental agreement with the McGhans

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Thorhild Negotations

July 25, 2006

Summer-fall of 2006 – Negotiations with the Tomlinsion’s continue on Oct 1, 2006 with the balance due April 1, 2007

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Cam Leaves for School

September 1, 2006

2006-2011. Cam attends the U of A and obtains a Bachelor of Arts in Economics

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Doing it all

May 19, 2007

Winter 2005 to Spring 2007. Allam Farms prepares to double their acres to 7000, milk 90 dairy cows, feed 80 beef, hay 1100 acres and switch from John Deere to Case IH harvesting equipment (which only lasted a year).

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Ending of an Era

July 19, 2007

Second ½ of the dairy is sold to Smoky Lake Hutterite Colony. At the time, Barry Robinson, a prominent nutritionist in Western Canada, mentioned that these were some of the best cows in Alberta. The beef herd is also sold at this time

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Moving Forward

July 20, 2007

Before the sale of the dairy, Allam Farms Ltd. peaked milking 210 cows in the late 1990’s. Since the Bococks started milking in 1921, a cow has been milked every morning and night in our family. One of the prominent reasons for Allam Farms’ success, is the dairy operation. The dairy took many man hours and a lot of manual labor put in by Brian feeding cows and managing up to 11 employees at a time, Judy helping in the field and raising baby calves, along with Chris and Cam….

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Strathcona County Land Expansion

April 1, 2008

Allam Farms Partnership begins a long term rental agreement with Del Lawrence

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Farmland Expansion

December 19, 2008

2008-2012. Allam Farms continues to expand and reaches 8500 acres of farm land. Hayland has been broken into cropland.

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Cam & Chris Land Purchase

September 19, 2012

Fall 2012. Cameron and Christopher complete a deal with Greg Green to purchase 2500 acres. They each create a company (Cameron’s Agricultural Management Corporation and 1676381 Alberta Inc) and split the land purchase between them.

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Joining Forces

November 19, 2012

Allam Farms and Kalco arms bid on the same 1000 acres owned by John Orichowski. Instead of biding against each other the two farms work together to reduce work load and the fun name “KALLP” is coined. Kalco Allam Limited Liability Partnership

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Allam Farms Ltd Reorganized

April 19, 2013

Allam Farms Ltd reorganized and Allam Farms Partnership was created to help with succession. This year the company also joined FamilyFarms Group in hopes of keeping the family on the farm.

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Land Expansion

October 19, 2013

Fall of 2013. Allam Farms Partnership rents another 900 acres for the spring of 2015 (from the Gargus family in thorhild) AFP also agree to custom farm Ken Chizen’s land.

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FFC Magazine Publication

January 11, 2015

Allam Farms is featured in Farm Credit Canada Magazine Article  

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Harvest From Hell

November 20, 2016

This was simply put “the never-ending harvest from hell”. The crop was seeding in record time with little to no wet spots to go around. The spring would be the only rain free part of the summer. Rain came quickly and never seemed to stop, with the accumulation of 252 mm over the summer when the average is 233 mm. Compounding with the rainy weather, was a lack of heat; Edmonton didn’t see a single day in June, July or August over 30°C. The wet summer lodged majority of the wheat and caused sclerotinia and blackleg in the…

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Cameron Gets Married

November 23, 2016

Our CFO Cameron, tied the knot with his fiancé Jennifer, where the sun shines and the tequila flows in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  A fun time was had by all, and we were lucky enough to have some familiar faces join us from around the world.  

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Land Expansion

March 29, 2017

Allam Farms continue to grow adding 800 acres split between both farms.

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Mary’s 90th Birthday

May 15, 2017

A sweet poem is attached for the celebration of a wonderful birthday and an amazing milestone

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Seeding Chaos

May 31, 2017

The last acre of seed finally goes in, ensuring that seeding has never carried into June at Allam Farms yet. Following horrible harvest conditions last year, fields still remained flooded and many acres could not be seeded. Long nights and many stuck pieces of equipment were the theme of seeding 2017.

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Mary Passes Away

May 31, 2017

Baby Allam

June 8, 2018

Cameron Allam and his wife Jennifer are excited to announce that the newest Allam joined the family. Liam Robert Allam was born on June 8, 2018. He loves his family and his puppies and always has a smile on his face. Check out some photos under read more

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Wedding Bells for COO Chris Allam

July 28, 2018

The summer brought wonderful times to Allam Farms as COO Chris tied the knot with his fiancé Jessie on the farm on July 28th. Blessed with perfect summer weather, beautiful fresh flowers, a live band, and plenty of champagne to go around, a fun time was had by all. Check out some photos under read more  

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Another tough Harvest

October 23, 2018

We are starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to harvest weather. A third challenging harvest in a row included some of the crop getting snowed on 3 times! We endured many late nights of grain drying and combining, but got the crop into the bin in store-able condition. We have never run 2 grain dryers, for weeks, 24 hours a day. The last stretch of warm weather really helped to get the job done. Before the snow and ground froze we were able to get a few fence lines cleaned up. Making a 1/4 section into a 1/2 section really improves efficiency!

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