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Our passion for agriculture is what makes us successful at Allam Farms Partnership. We take pride in our reputation as a top producer in the community. We strive to get the most out of our fields and work hard to maintain the fertility of each acre. We look to partner with companies, organizations and individuals that share our devotion to agriculture. We will endeavor to expand as long as technology and innovation allow us. Farm efficiency is important to us as we continue to improve our operation.

Vision Statement

Allam Farms Partnership will be a leader in agricultural production, focusing on growth, efficiency and environmental stewardship, while maintaining a team atmosphere.

Mission Statement

Allam Farms Partnership will operate a profitable agricultural operation focused on yielding a high quality product while applying socially acceptable practices. Our reputation for honesty, hard work and fair compensation will help us grow.


Our responsibility as a producer to the earth and society is pertinent in perpetuating our agricultural livelihood. We will continue to be involved with the government and our community to ensure our viability.

Allam Farms has completed an Environmental Farm Plan.

We strive for excellence when it come to the Environmental impact of our operation.

We continually look for ways to reduce our footprint on the ground we steward.


The continued advancement of technology is important to the future success of Allam Farms. We currently utilize:
•    GPS in all infield operations
•    Auto steer for efficient pass to pass operations by reducing overlap and decreased losses when unloading combines
•    Swath pro/sectional shut off to reduce overlap of fertilizer and pesticides
•    Variable rate fertilizer at some locations
•    Sharp shooter electronic solenoids to reduces drift and potential run off

Every technological adoption increases our efficiency and at the same time reduces our environmental impact.

How We Farm

Typical operations begin in the spring as seeding starts in late April. We try to finish seeding operations before the 25th of May each year.

Our farm believes in minimum tillage. All fertilizer is applied in one pass, except for Sulfur fines. These fines are applied in the fall via floater; they cannot be mixed with our dry fertilizer as they can cause plugging and blockage issues in the air seeder.

Throughout the year crops are sprayed to reduce weed, insect and disease pressure. We pride ourselves on having clean fields with a vibrant competitive crop.

Harvest begins in late August and will continue until all acres are covered. Along with harvesting comes grain hauling, a large task to keep up with the high capacity combines we utilize. After each acre is harvested we heavy harrow to distribute chaff and straw evenly over the field; this makes seeding the next spring easier and allows the debris from the previous crop (fertilizer) to break down evenly across the field.

Every field we farm gets a soil sample done on a regular basis. We may not fertilize directly to the soil test, but we use these samples to asses our farming practices. Each soil test location is flagged with GPS. We return to that same spot each time a sample is to be taken. We analyze the trend and verify that we are not “mining” any nutrients.

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