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Allam Farms partnership has the following policy regarding hunting.

The members of Allam Farms Partnership know that hunting can be carried out with the same respect and care that we show for the land while farming it. We do not take issue with those who hunt in a respectful and husband like manner. The following guidelines must be followed to gain access to one or more of the properties we own. Failure to follow these guidelines will entice a life time ban from all of the property owned by Allam Farms and possible charges to the applicant

1. before the hunting season starts, but no earlier than July 1st hunters will apply for permission to hunt on Allam Farm’s property. An e mail will be sent to indicating the

-legal land description of the parcel or parcels you wish to enter

-your full name and names of others in your party

-address of you and those in your party

-phone numbers for you and those in your party

-make, model, color and licence plate number of the vehicle you will be using to travel to the property

-location you will be parking your vehicle

2. The applicant must be present when hunting on the land. Each parcel will have 1 applicant given permission to enter the property for the season. If he or she is not present with the hunting party the application will be void.

3. Permission to hunt will only be given to property that Allam Farms owns. If you wish to enter property that Allam Farms currently leases, permission will have to be given by the title land owner. We only require that you do not enter leased properties with crop on them.

4. If there is crop on the property you have been given permission to hunt on, hunting is not allowed until the crop is off. Any damage caused to the crop will be charged to the applicant causing the damage.

5. If a gate is closed and you enter the property, close it behind you. If a gate is found open contact Chris Allam at 780-777-4276 to find out if the gate should be closed.

6. No driving on the property. Only walking on the property will be permitted. This included All terrain vehicles, quads, side by sides and dirt bikes.

7. Before entering the property you must notify Chris Allam via text at 780-777-4276 with your full name  and the location you will be hunting on, no more than 12 hours before entering the property.

8. All parties must be off the land 30 minutes after sunset

9. Firearms shall not be discharged in the direction of a roadway or house.

10. Follow all hunting regulations and laws – federal, provincial and county 

Hunting on properties is a privilege, and hunters are expected to serve as partners in providing sound stewardship of the Land.

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