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Leo KosokowskyLeo Kosokowsky

Leo Kosokowsky has worked along side Allam Farms Partnership since 2013. He has been instrumental in continuing Allam Farms success story. Leo’s resources include a farm management software that he has created and is currently being used by over 30 advisers and 500 farmers in Canada. Allam Farms uses AgMpower almost every day to help make management decisions easier to understand and be more profitable.

Family Farms Group
Family Farms Group has been a part of our operations since 2013 it is a member-owned network of family farm operators, agricultural experts and suppliers who work together to help preserve the legacy of family farms. The network provides strength in numbers (of acres, people, and knowledge) to help our family farm grow and compete.Family farms
• Provides expertise and support in 17+ business categories.
• Helps Train our staff.
• Connects us with peer farm operators throughout our continent.
• Link us to suppliers and buyers as part of a collective 600,000 acres

With the addition of bin sense (intra grain) from Clews Management we can monitor our grain from a live website that updates temperate and moisture from several points in each bin hourly. This live portal sends e mail alerts when grain moisture or temperature moves beyond a pre-determined range.

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